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I have a rather specific request. I have an account with Thinkific, and for every client that signs up on my Thinkific application, through SSO the person has the same username and password on, and I would like this person to also have the same thing with an account on Softr. Could you help me or suggest some solutions?
Thank you.

You can create them an account via zapier or

So the trigger would be when new user in, create new user in Softr

  1. Use Thinkific’s APIs to trigger actions when a new user signs up through SSO.
  2. Create user accounts on and Softr programmatically using their respective APIs.
  3. Ensure compatibility of usernames and passwords between Thinkific and the other platforms.
  4. Implement error handling and security measures to handle any issues and protect user information.

Thank you for your response, it would be a dream come true if it’s feasible! I’ve contacted Thinkific to see if it’s actually possible with SSO to do this feature. I’ll keep you posted!