SSL Certificate for https://... web site

So that my web site users can go to https://… , is it possible to use an SSL certificate, because without one there will always be a security warning which prevents many users from being able to go to the web site? And if so, can I have the URL to the instructions please?

Hello @usbusi,

Please note that SSL certificate is being generated automatically when installing the custom domain.


Is it a self signed cert, or a cert from a certificate signing authority? I believe self signed certificates prevent browsing nowadays, unfortunately?

Dear @usbusi,

Please note that if you purchase the custom domain and point it to Softr, the SSL certificate will be installed automatically.

@Suzie Does it cover subdomains? For instance, so 1 softr app linked to and another softr app (or third party) linking to And all this covered by the top-domain SSL provided by Softr.


The matter is that each subdomain is considered to be a separate domain, so each of them will have certificate, yes.

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Thnx. Didn’t know that it worked like that. Interesting to know!

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You are always welcome :wink: