Square links not working in modal views

Hello I recently migrated my store’s website to Softr so I could take advantage of all the data I had in Airtable ( staff reviews etc) but when someone clicks on the URL for a book on the home page that opens in a modal window it doesn’t actually add the book to their Square cart. It says it does but when you click on Cart it’s empty. I talked to Square and they said it’s an issue with Softr since the link works if you go to it without opening it in modal

Any help?


I couldn’t keep having my home page be broken like this, so I’m having those open to a new tab (not ideal as they’re now leaving my site) so for now, to test what I’m talking about, go to: https://www.thehauntedbookshopmobile.com/this-weeks-new-releases


Can I get an acknowledgement that this bug has been logged?


I checked and the pages that open on a side panel are simple iframe so Square folks could check why it’s not adding into cart when it’s inside iframe.

Overall this is not a typical case and has custom integration we don’t know exactly how square works…