Sources / tools for creating designs like this?

Does anyone know where I can create graphics like the one used in this template on the right that showcases two people chatting?

Thanks so much!!

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And mockups like these :slight_smile:
Would be super helpful!!

Dont want to be an asshole or anything but this is just graphics that you’d create on something like illustrator or figma or canva right? Heck even Miro could do it. Or is this something you wanted to be dynamic?

That’s exactly my question, I don’t know anything about product design except for using Canva.
I tried to do it on Canva, but didn’t manage to make it look clean.
Currently, I’m exploring Figma after a few people suggested it - I’ve never worked with it.

I thought there might be a straight-forward library for such graphics, where you just pull in your screenshots, and they have typical graphics that you can recycle - since they all look similar.

It’s not like you get a “how to do product design” brochure when you start with no-code product building :wink: So I rather ask beforehand.