Soundlii - A Q&A platform to help managers with the tricky people stuff in their roles

Hi Everyone!

I’d love to introduce you all to Soundlii - the go-to place for early to mid-career people managers to help them with the tricky people related challenges in their roles.

It’s a Q&A platform that provides bite-sized advice from verified experts on challenges such as ‘How do I give tricky feedback to my boss’ and ‘How do I give performance feedback to someone with mental health challenges’.

Users can ask new questions as well as browse our growing database of questions.

We would love to extend free access for Softr users in exchange for your very valuable feedback! Here’s a special signup page Superstar Access.

The full website can be found at

Thanks to softr for helping us to simply, beautifully and quickly get our MVP out there!!



That’s pretty cool, I’ll send you dm with some follow up questions