Sort table blocks by field

We’re seeing a lot of users using HotJar try to sort the table blocks by clicking on the header of the table column. This seems like a pretty native function that should exist, so I’d like to request a native sorting by column feature.


Quite needed indeed !

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Adding a strong upvote for this feature.
Just spent a day building our internal portal with Softr and came to learn at launch that this basic, native functionality is missing. Everything else about Softr has been great but mind boggling this hasn’t been implemented over the past 1.5years when it’s simple to do and native to Airtable/Google Sheets. Some of our users want to sort records alphabetically and others want to sort greatest to least.
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to move forward with Softr because users cannot sort by columns. Hope it’s implemented soon!

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We have planned this, have no clear timeline yet but some exploration is ongoing now


Adding big upvote for this!

Any update on this topic?

We are in a hard position about this. We wanted to do it however there is an ongoing effort to improve the Block UI like 100x :slight_smile: and now we are debating to this in the current items or just in the new versions. I will update you early next week.

Let us know, the feature is needed. :slight_smile: Looking forward to updated block UI.

Hey Arthur,

Big upvote from my site too. Have fun in the team-offsite.

Big upvote on this as well. Would really benefit from sorting functionality.

big upvote on this too. Lots of users asking us for this feature

@artur how is this tracking?

Upvote! very usefull feature