Sort action buttons between other list detail fields

In new list and list detail blocks, It’s not possible to sort action buttons and put each action button in a different position?
I use old some field button type to put actions between list details fields to open links to social newtowks. As an example:

Image field
Button 1
Text field
Button 2
Button 3
Long Text field

It’s there a way to do this as before? If not, have you this functionality in your roadmap?

Thanks in advance


agree, I really hate that I can’t re-position my action buttons to save space on a page/block


Agreed! Thats one reason why I stick with the old block in some cases for now.

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Hey @jordiausio, thank you for your feedback. We are planning to add different options to position the action buttons in the future. Stay tuned and sorry for the current inconvenience!


Ok, thank you @Marine.Hovhannisyan

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My pleasure!

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Any updates on this? Still relying on some old versions of the blocks I’ve had to accomplish this

Yep, me too!

Hey guys, we still do not have updates for the action button sorting/repositioning them within the block. But, we are considering some improvements to the action buttons in 2024. We will announce when we have news on this improvement.

Hi Marine,

I appreciate that improving Softr can be a challenge and takes time, but even more do I appreciate clarity for me as a Softr-user:

Can you please explain what is it specifically that you’re (still) considering? And what month in 2024 do you expect this to be considered (and more importantly: ready)? And even better: can you provide some commitment, rather than “we will announce when we have news” ?

Be be frank and honest: I have difficulty with the message that “something” is “considered” in “2024” (somewhere)… and that in response to a message from 7 months ago… Months earlier I already read promising messages about prioritizing action buttons (that was specifically having multiple buttons visible in one tile).

Best regards,