Something went wrong Failed to get records

I’m consistently getting the " Something went wrong. Failed to get records." popup on only one page of my webapp.

I can’t find any data that isn’t loading. None of the columns in the tables that page references have changed since it was working fine (yesterday).

When I look in the console it has, “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()” and the long link to my airtable base.

I’ve clicked on every module to refresh the base-table connection and verify that all fields are mapped properly.

Is there anything else I can do to stop this error message?

Here’s the link to the page in question:

Thank you in advance!

Will be fixed in 10 mins

Thank you so much!


It’s not fixed when I click on this link. I tested it as my app is also doing the same thing. (iconic)

We are having this issue as well

same :frowning:

We’re also getting these reports from users as of 2 minutes ago.

We have have tested all our apps and no user can view a logged in page currently

Having the same record retrieval failure error.


Same. Getting 500 on data records currently.

Hi All - we’re having issues with Airtable at the moment. Please hang with us while we work to get a hold of their team to see what’s happening. Our team is currently on it and we hope to have it fixed soon!

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Legacy list details block are working fine.

The trouble seems to be with list details react blocks.

We see sudden spike from Airtable rejecting API calls… we are in contact with their team to see what’s wrong

Unfortunately I’m having the same issue. Hope you guys can fix this quickly. Thanks

Many of own templates and marketing previews are broken also due to the same issue.


I’m getting entirely blank blocks - static and dynamic. BUT, some display. The difference seems to be whether the block visibility has a user group applied to it. If there are user group permissions, it is not displayed. If the block can be seen by all users, it is displayed.

Hopefully that helps. I’ve got a client that is practically immobilized right now. Yikes!

Wanted to add that it looks correct in preview, but not on the published site.

We are slowly recovering from it, and the Airtable team will let us know what the root cause was…