"Something went wrong! Failed to get records."

Hi, for about half an hour now I’ve been getting the following problem message when I’m logged in and loading a list: “Something went wrong! Failed to get records.”

Airtable is actually connected correctly. How can I solve the problem?

Hi @samu1 and welcome to the community!

Airtable was having a significant outage yesterday. Most likely that is the reason for the error you saw.

You can always check https://status.airtable.com/ to see if an outage is in progress. It may not be updated immediately but at least after the fact you can tell if that was the problem.

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Hi @samu1, are you receiving the error in the studio or the app itself? If you are receiving it in the studio can you please make sure you didn’t make any changes such as renaming (fields, tables, etc…) on both the users table and the table where it is connected to the list block, Also I recommend double checking the connection between Softr and Airtable by reconnecting it, if there were any changes made on the users table, on the other hand if you are receiving it on the front end can you please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies?

If you are receiving it on the front end please feel free to share a magic link, and I will be more than glad to test.

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