"Something went wrong!" error with fetching Airtable records

I have this error coming up a lot for my users with the “See More Results” button on my lists. Does anyone know why that might be?


There was an issue with this exact situation some months back, I believe it was a bug that was claimed fixed. This error is coming back from Airtable in response to Softr requests and Softr should be handling it instead of reporting it to the user. @Suzie do you think this might be a regression?

@Tim_ClimatEU As a workaround for now, I would suggest going into the list settings and trying a different value for “items per page.” It will be hard to tell if the change helps, but it’s the only thing I know of trying until Softr support weighs in.

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This happens as Airtable’s API pagination is somewhat limited, however this would be happening when one is opening the page and then trying to click see more in 5-10 mins after the page was loaded… we will be looking for a better solution soon