✨ Softr's AI App Generator


Dear community :wave:

Building on the momentum from the No-code Summit, we have a special announcement for you today!

Have you ever thought to create an app with just an idea :eyes:? Well, now you can! :raised_hands:

Introducing :sparkles: Softr AI App Generator

You can now create a functional app with just a prompt. From Client portals to Internal tools (Team Intranet, CRM, and more), you can now generate full-fledged applications that include:

  • AI-generated themes and copy.
  • AI-generated data in Google Spreadsheets (soon Airtable)
  • Business logic & user-friendly design
  • User roles & CRUD actions, and more!

Give it a spin and share your feedback :raised_hands: Learn more.

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Hi @lea thanks for sharing this, could you try once again with a different prompt? :pray: