✨ Softr's AI App Generator


Dear community :wave:

Building on the momentum from the No-code Summit, we have a special announcement for you today!

Have you ever thought to create an app with just an idea :eyes:? Well, now you can! :raised_hands:

Introducing :sparkles: Softr AI App Generator

You can now create a functional app with just a prompt. From Client portals to Internal tools (Team Intranet, CRM, and more), you can now generate full-fledged applications that include:

  • AI-generated themes and copy.
  • AI-generated data in Google Spreadsheets (soon Airtable)
  • Business logic & user-friendly design
  • User roles & CRUD actions, and more!

Give it a spin and share your feedback :raised_hands: Learn more.

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Hi @lea thanks for sharing this, could you try once again with a different prompt? :pray:

The inclusion of AI-generated themes and copy, along with AI-generated data integration in Google Spreadsheets (and soon Airtable), is a fantastic addition. It not only saves time but also ensures that the app looks and feels professional.
The ability to incorporate business logic, user-friendly design, user roles, and CRUD actions takes this to the next level. It’s a comprehensive solution that can cater to a wide range of application needs.
For those interested in exploring the possibilities of AI in app development, it’s worth checking out the top AI tools available. Sites like this provide valuable insights and resources in this regard.