Softr Web App Wireframe and Flowchart

Has anyone ever created a wireframe and/or flowchart for your Softr app? Looking for suggestions on how to this.

I would like create an entity relationship diagram (ERD) and website wireframe/flowchart on a single board in something like Miro, but the amount of information that needs to be documented (block settings, flow between blocks/pages, lookups between Softr fields and Airtable) is difficult to map out in a way that makes sense without getting too cluttered.

For context, my Softr app has 60 user groups, 20 pages, and some pages have up-to 12 copies of the same block configured slightly differently to display information based on subscription level and user preferences. To keep everything straight, documentation is important.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.

P.S. - Softr team, would really love to see this become a feature in Softr. A flowchart that showed ERDs, dependency mapping, user flow, etc. would be a game changer.


I sent an image, some time ago, and it could be like an overview feature that opens the relationships between pages/blocks…I saw it in Honeycode…

+1 lol
at very least, would be supremely helpful if there were a higher level way of viewing if any blocks across app are 1. outdated or 2. contain broken field mappings

'cause theres no way for my 1 person to be able to comb thru all 56 pages on a regular basis :confused: