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Hello Community.

A quick question regarding Softr’s video player.

We have built a video content database in Xano. With the new SQL connector becoming available, brining in Xano data into Softr is closer to reality now.

However, the big question is will Softr’s video player be sufficient for what we are doing?

For instance, in our current custom code video grid display page, we have it such that all the video tiles start playing in mute mode right away, upon loading and then looping around. Also, when you play one video tile, and then click on another, it automatically pauses the previous one played, such that the two never play at the same time. So, things like these…

So, if I want to build a list block of video player components, like a video grid or video wall, does Softr allow its video player behavior to be customized for things like this - start/stop/pause/loop/mute/unmute behavior?

Alternatively, can I bring my own video player into Softr and, if so, how would I pass into it the metadata that it needs to know for playing content?


hi @bbelo

Our video player is good, but may not be able to do everything you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions:

You can easily create a listing with all of your video links, and play your videos. Within that video listing, you can play, pause, mute and full screen the videos. You can’t natively autoplay on hover, etc though. You might be able to solve that with javascript if needed.

Otherwise, another option is for you to use the embed block, and to create your embed links within XANO (your data source) using formulas to include your URL playback link, and then just linking this embed to that field in your DB.

Hope this helps!

Thanks JJ. I was thinking about the second option.

However, the custom code we have today understands one video tile’s state across the entire grid, such that a change to a state of one video tile can cause an automatic update to a state of another video tile. In other words, playing one video automatically pauses the other that may have been playing.

I see. Is there a question in there? I’m unsure if our native video player will do this, but I’d suggest for you to test it quickly.

Otherwise, you might be able to use listener events on the page with javascript to control your embeds this way?

I’ll test it to see if we can leverage this. Thanks JJ.


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Sounds good, @bbelo

If you find something that works well, please let us know. We’re still finding the most ideal setups for solutions like this. God speed :rocket: