Softr User ID (or name)

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Please if you can help me with this question:
How can I register in Airtable the name of a user of my Softr application, when he create or edit a record from Softr?



You have to use the input type “hidden field” and then choose loggedin user’s Name or loggedin user’s recordId.

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How do you go about linking this to the user? Right now it’s just a text value on the form submission

The “Map to” is the users table and the Value is the logged in user Name (it can be any field in the users table, even a “link to another record” field). The safest way to work being to always use the recordId of the user (instead of the name, like in the example above, or instead of the email).

I have this working, but in terms of linked records, the record is created with the right ID, but the record is not in fact linked in Airtable, right?

If you map the hidden field to a link to another record field, it is also linked in Airtable.

If I could have a visual on your airtable table I would be able to give you a better help.