Softr User Accounts at Scale

Hi all,

I have a requirement to build a portal for public users that allows them to:

  • Provide their email address
  • Create an account and profile
  • View pre-existing information in a variety of tables
  • Post information via reasonably complex forms (about 40 fields)

I am experienced with no-code platforms and I can see that Softr has the required capabilities (I think) but can somebody explain how well it scales? For example, if I wanted to support 500k public users, could I? If I wanted to support a form submission every 5 seconds, could I? And, of course, what would the pricing model look like to support this type of scale?

Many thanks

Hi @Mark-V88, indeed, your described use case is possible to build in Softr. I would recommend you check an introductory video to see how our main features work: Overview of the Softr building blocks - YouTube

Regarding scalability, do you want to have all your 500k users signed up to your app or do you want to be able to check your app while being non-logged in?

You definitely can submit as many forms you need, we do not have a restriction here.

Hi Marine

Thanks for your reply.

We need to allow for up to 500,000 users to “sign up” and create a profile, but I imagine that we are unlikely to have more than 1,000 logged in and using the portal at any one time. Of these, the majority will be reading information, with only perhaps 100 submitting at the same time. I guess it’s the 500,000 that worries me? Will these users be stored in AirTable? Does it even have that sort of capacity?


Hey Mark, again, it depends on whether you need those users to be logged in or not. If yes, then, they can be added to your data source or just kept in yoru app.

However, if you are worried about record limitation in Airtable, you can have several Airtable tables, keep your data in there and use that data in your app.

Hi Marine

Chipping in from the side here.

Would it be possible to store just the user credentials in a Google Sheet - and the other data in the airtable world?

Hey @Bryan, yes, if you link your Google Sheets to the Users tab (automatically it will be linked to your Sign-up block too) and link Airtable to any other blocks in the same app, you can collect user login credentials in Google Sheets and other user data in your Airtable within the same app.

Thanks @Marine.Hovhannisyan.

Hey @Mark-V88, did you see this? There’s your solution

Hi @Bryan.

I still have some doubts because:

  • 500,000 rows is a lot for GS to handle (in my experience)
  • Will Softr remain performant in this scenario?

Has anybody actually built a solution with this may users?