Softr referencing underlying technologies in its error messages

Hi Community.

Just wanted to throw this thought out there…

Yesterday’s Airtable outage (Airtable Status - Incident - 03/02/23) revealed an interesting issue. I got a Softr error message when loading my app’s page saying: “Something went wrong! Unable to fetch Airtable data by given parameters.”

I think that under a typical white-label user agreement, the platform, such as Softr, should avoid referencing its own name or the names of any underlying technologies it uses from its error messages. That’s just customary business practice.

In fact, ideally, any error message the system throws should probably utilize the formal name of my App, making it look like the message originates from my app. So, if my app is called “ABC”, the message above would read something like “ABC is unable to fetch data from data source by given parameters”. But a generic message would work, too.

What I don’t like is revealing to by SaaS app users I am using Softr or Airtable.

What does the community think?

Thank you

@bbelo good point. Our aim there is not really to expose it but give enough info to you as an admin to know what’s going on. We are thinking changing Airtable → Datasource to be less specific. What do you think ?

Yes, that would work. Thank you Artur.