Softr portal with a form and form responses page

I have created a portal with airtable as the data source. The portal starts with a form, with the profile fields: User’s email, name and few questions. Once the user clicks the submit, the use’s response would be shown as a vertical list. Is there a way to dynamicallly filter and display the personalized data (form responses)?. We can’t include a login/signup page as it’s against our requirements. So, for an app without any login functionality, Is there a way to dynamically filter using the ‘email’ fetched via the form?. As of now, it’s showing all the users responses on the responses page, which appears when the user clicks the submit button on the form. It would be helpful if anyone could suggest the simplest way. A method which doesn’t involve scripts or API keys, would be the first preference.

Softr can create new users with the information you have collected, and generate a unique Magic Link (relies on an email address) for each of them.

When any user clicks their Magic Link they will be taken to your Softr app. You can use dynamic blocks and their conditional filters to display filtered data to users matching their Magic Link or their email address.

Look at the help docs re: Two Way Sync (for users) and Dynamic (List) blocks to guide you.

Enjoy your Softr journey!

The Softr app would be embedded within our website. The user would need to fill out the form from there only. It won’t be like that the users need to view the home page on our website, then go to the mail, click on the magic link, and then access the form. Will this be possible?

Softr’s free plan will let you try out these features to see if your plan to embed an app will work for you.

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