Softr page for Airtable field with multiple values

I have an Airtable table that has 4 fields - say A, B, C and D
A, C and D are linked fields to their own table (i.e., the values in those fields can only come from the tables they are linked to)
C and D fields allow multiple values (from their respective tables)

What is the best way I can create a page in Softr that allows a User to interact with this table, where they can add rows, change values of the fields etc.

Any help or ideas are appreciated.

Hey @BB-Bacuti, you can add all the mentioned A, B, C and D Airtable tables to your Softr app using our table or one of the list blocks. When you configure corresponding Action Buttons, your users will be able to interact with those tables (including adding rows, changing values of the fields etc.).

Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t work very well. The issues I have are

  1. When I try to add a row Softr throws an error saying that the linked fields can’t be updated
  2. For some linked fields Softr does accept values, but it creates a new row in the respective linked table
    What I want to build is an “Association table” that lets users associate a particular A with multiple Cs and Ds in an Airtable database

So ideally when a user goes to make a new association they should be able to pick from existing As in Airtable and add existing Cs and Ds (from their own table) into this association table.

Doable in Softr?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi @BB-Bacuti, thanks for the clarification. In this case, the way you can build your described use case in Softr is you will need to have different blocks for your A, B, C, and D tables. Then, you can configure the “add to my list” button on them the way how one of our users showed in the following video tutorial: One-Click Favorite in Softr (no code version!) - YouTube