Softr Feature Roadmap Timeline and Release Dates?

Dear Softr,

I often check the feature roadmap page for upcoming features and in-progress developments; however, it would be SUPER helpful if there were some anticipated deliverable dates on the initiatives so that we can plan our app releases and development work alongside Softr’s greater roadmap vision.

I’d love to be able to tell my users when they can expect to see various upcoming new features. It would also help me plan what to prioritize and what I should wait on based on upcoming releases. This and/or a more granular feature status (in development, in testing, planned for Q4 2023, etc.) would really be helpful to me.


I’d love to see Softr produce a feature roadmap into Now, Next, Later categories on a very high level Kanban board, but not publish timelines/dates.

Publishing timelines for any rapidly growing software company is a recipe for letting down users (and their clients). An agile organization can change their priorities according to customer and business needs every sprint, so I don’t want to see Softr promising timelines that ultimately could easily be missed.