Softr Community content gets indexed by Google - Should it?

Question for the community.

I am working on developing an app on Softr. The app’s name has been mentioned a few times, here and there, in the Softr community forums. I notice that Google has started picking up the app’s name in the Softr Community pages.

This is not ideal. Softr serves as a “white label” development platform, and I’d rather not disclose to the public internet that my app is developed on it.

What options do I have to block app’s mentions on Softr Community from external indexing? Do others agree that there should be an option not to disclose Softr as the app’s underlying development platform?


Perhaps you can make edits as a quick solution?

@artur , this probably won’t work reliably. Example - I posted a piece of code that had a mention of my domain name / brand name in the code. Someone else in the forum responded with the correction to my code, copying and pasting my code with the correction in their response. While I can quick-edit my posts, I can’t change other people’s posts. So, once the domain name / brand name has been mentioned, that’s it, I’ve committed to the eternal history of the internet. One real solution might be in Softr not allowing Google to index its forum at all, to protect its “white label” paying customers.

By the way, Google appears to be smart enough now to scan even images that have text in them and index the text. Consider this forum post, which is popping up on Google when I search for my brand name…

If you look through the post, there is no mention of the brand in the post’s text, but it is showing in the image itself. Somehow, Google was smart enough to identify the text string with the brand name in the image and index this post.


hmm not an easy solution, it would also be wrong to not index at all. Perhaps rule of thumb is to share links and other types of info that’s sensitive via DM or Intercom chat