Smartsuite use Softr to Display a base tables related records

I know they have that feature for Airtable. Is there a different way to go about this .

I figured out how for example to have a page with a list of Smartsuite projects add record button action when you drill down you can see details of the project.

I have in SS a “project call notes” table that is related to “projects” and would like in softr to have a page that when I drill down action from projects to show a list of all the notes related to just that project.

Anyone done this?

Hi @Josho actually both Airtable and SmartSuite work the same way.
From what I understand you have your projects in one table and project call notes in another. If so, you need to use linked list just like you would do in case of Airtable

The linked list option for Smartsuite seems to only provides for logged in user or custom value , It does not show an option for a secondary related tables to the base to chose like airtable.
this is the choice Smartsuite list. If I am missing something or need to chose something else . Please let me know
Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 10.28.41 AM

@Josho list details that is supposed to connect your 2 lists(lists can be replaced by other dynamic blocks except for Form, User accounts, Comments blocks) is missing or is not connected to the corresponding table. Once it is there, you will see “Current record” option on the second list block as well which will be your linked table.
Your first list block which will be on a separate page should be connected to table1 then it should redirect to another page where you will have your list details block connected to the same table and your second list block which will be connected to table2 where you will have your linked record field linking table1. In the help doc it is also described