Smarter way to set up visibility for lists?

Hey guys :wave:

I currently have a super complicated set up for my lists to be shown to 3 user groups:
(1) non-logged in users
(2) logged-in users on a FREE account
(3) logged-in users on a PREMIUM account

My databases usually always follow the same idea - there is a free version and there is a premium version with extra filters.

Currently, I always need to create the same database three times with different settings and if I change anything in the layout or content, I need to change it three times.

Is there any way to combine non-logged in users and FREE logged-in users in a user group, or any way to set a condition on a filter to just say that filter is only clickable by a premium user? Or any other ideas?

Would kill to find a smoother set up :smile:

Thanks so much in advance!!