Small business website, pricing

I am currently building a simple, static website for a small business. I have some questions, hope you can help :pray:t4:

  1. There is a requirement to add third party widget to show cliet’s testimonial. Is there a way to so this without custom code feature? If so then how this can be done?

  2. If i need to use custom code feature then the only option is to go with softr plan? Would basic plan ( $49 / month ) be sufficient?

Also just for this feature if client need to spend $49/month then that would be little too much for them. Is there any other more cost effective option?

Thank you,

Hey @pprashil, thanks for considering using Softr :heart: Regarding your questions:

  1. Can you please share a bit more context about which kind of testimonial you need to have in the app? I mean how it should work.

  2. If you mean that you want to add your custom codes to the app, then, indeed, starting with the Basic plan you will be able to add custom codes to your app. Note that apart from the custom codes, there are also many other paid features that become available with the Basic plan. But, we will consider your feedback on our pricing.


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