Single Add Action Button that acts like a category dropdown

Option for a single button that drops down all of the add buttons in the top bar, with a label for the category of the buttons in the drop down to be added.

Category Action Button Request 2023-03-21 10.55.42 AM

I’ve been eager to see what creative ideas other people are cookin’ up with the new features :slight_smile:

To understand, you would want 1 button that says something like “Add New…” and when clicked it opens a list of different things to add to a table? I like that! Sounds a bit cleaner.

Maybe you could just make the first two buttons blend in with your background and do nothing if clicked, LOL :rofl:. Or someone much smarter than me can offer a more sophisticated workaround until they are able to offer within the app.

Yes. A bit cleaner and less redundant when you have more than a couple of items to add.

I wish we all had more time and money for those workarounds :laughing: