Simultaneously filtering list and map

Hi! A colleague and I are building a food donation app that connects food donations with local non-profits. It allows users to post either 1. a request for a certain kind of donation, or 2. leftover food they want to donate, and helps users find each other and make the donation happen as locally (and seamlessly) as possible.

We want users to be able to filter for donations or donation requests by location – namely, we want users to be able to filter a list-block that SIMULTANEOUSLY filters map data on the same page. That way, they can easily search by location. Is this possible?

We’ve tried finding out ways to do simultaneous list-block filtering with >1 list, but can’t find anything on it. However, our problem is specific to maps, as we basically want users to filter by a visible location. Any advice or feedback is super appreciated.

+1 We also have the same need. Ever figure this out?

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Not yet, but I’ll keep you in the loop on this thread.

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