Simple dropdown selections

I’m building a client portal and we want the client to have the ability to make simple selections, for example, using a dropdown to select YES/NO for some items - or have a status selection where they choose from a dropdown. Obviously, this would need to feed back to Airtable to work correctly.

I can’t see any obvious options - is this possible with Softr?

Hi Jimmy, yes this is possible with any list block.
You create an inline filter inside Softr, you link it with a single select or multiple select field in Airtable.

See an example here Find business ideas

An other example with a status dropdown option with a table block (scroll to find the table) Your goals and tasks - sample project

Check the screenshot below to see the setup in softr


This is just filtering the view? I am looking for a dropdown where the input is logged in Airtable.

Yes, the input is inside Airtable, as written above. When clicked, it filters what appears, like any conditonal filter does.

For example, the options below come from Airtable, from one Airtable field and all its value inside it.

You can apply it to a form too, if this is what you want (though you will need to manually add the options that are inside the Airtable field, one by one, for now).

Your users will choose from predetermined value choices, with a dropdown, then it will send everything in Airtable. See screenshot 2 & 3.




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Thanks - I am using a form - but how can I connect the form input to a record in my base?

You can use the recordId of the url param.
Let’s imagine you have a list block. When you click on an item (a record) of this list, it leads you to a page where you have a list details record. Put a form just down this list details block. (having a list details block in a page enable the existence of a recordId in the Url parameters)

Now go to Airtable, create a table where all the informations of the form will be logged in. Link that table with the table where your record is. The link will be made by a “link to another record” field.

Add a hidden field inside that form block and use the formula {LOGGED_IN_USER:AT_RECORD_ID} .Link that value inside Airtable with the “link to record” field.

More specific use case: If you want to filter the dropdown options by a specific record? Not possible for now.

See screenshot 1 for setup in Softr studio / Screenshot 2 for setup in Airtable. The Goal I will add will be linked to the right project record (as here, each goal belongs to one project)



Thanks - are you available for a screen share?

Quickly, yes! Feel free to message me here in the platform (if possible, otherwise, mail)

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Thanks so much - just mailed you a Teams invite. (from jim@pursu…

@Suzie for the record, solved.

@jimmyg if you have some issues to setup the edit permissions, reply here.
By the way, note that you can ask, at any time, the customer service to help you, they are very reactive (see screenshot 1 & 2).



Thank you Matthieu - this is greatly appreciated.


Will Professional be enough for what I want to do @matthieu_chateau?


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Yes, it will be enough!

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Hi Matthieu :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you are doing well.

Is there any possibility of pulling the values for the dropdown “options” field from the airtable table automatically instate of writing them manually in this field?

I am creating a registration form with a dropdown, and the values in the airtable table are updated from time to time and would love to connect the values directly to the “options” field in the form.
Any workarounds or thoughts here?

Please see the screenshot attached with the arrow where I would like to pull in values from the airtable table. Thank you!

I wish you a great evening! Edin

Hi Edin!
My answer is going to be clear (but disappointing): no. Impossible to do it and no workarounds.

Using Airtable native forms (and embed them in your softr project) could be a solution (though it needs to be tested)

This should be solved by the release of Forms 2.0 end of december / beginning of january


@matthieu_chateau quick question: isn’t it possible to update the dropdown option (label and value) with JavaScript?
This way you could consider a custom code that gets the right options for the dropdown.

Now to make this without exposing your API key, you’d need to use and Integration like Make or Pipedream to act as a relay and send to a webhook the info from the page, use that to make the Airtable API request and then return them an array of label/value pair that is then used to update the options of the dropdown.

Would that work?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Yes, I am pretty confident that would work, but I think it would be a fair amount of effort to build.