Sign up form doesn't work with MySQL

The Sign-up form is not displayed when the users are stored in MySQL DB.

Is this only happening to me?

However, the login is working fine.

@afeno can you double check visibility settings on your sign up form? Want to make sure it’s visible to users who are LOGGED IN. Thanks

Hi @Jjenglert
I am pretty sure that the visibility is not the problem.
It is the sign-up form the one that doesn’t show up and the visibility cannot be configured.



You can replicate the issue by creating a new page with only the sign-up page.
Once you sync the users with Mysql, the sign-up block is not displayed.

Signup block is shown by default to those that are not logged in… in your screen I see you are trying the app as logged in user. In the drop down highlighted below select non logged in user to see those

@afeno I saw the issue here we will address soon

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@afeno pls check should be fixed

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Thank you @artur
I can see the Sign-up block now but it doesn’t work :frowning:

I am getting this error message for both Google Auth and email/password creation when trying to sign-up / register.

And this is in the console:

However, if I create the user manually in Studio the login-in is working.

You can test it here:

How can I get more details about the error?

The mysql db seems to be correct (default values are set) and the login is working fine for manual account creations.

I found the problem!
The error is caused by the mapping between the User “Created date (optional)” and the mysql column with Varchar type. Not sure what type this field should be but if I remove that mapping it is working fine.


Yep will be fixed today

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@afeno should be fixed now

Thank you! Yes! It is working now.
Thank you for the great support! You are the best!

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