Sign Up Email Verification

So far, the only way to “verify” signed up email addresses involves workarounds (i.e. Sign In With Code block, Sign Up block with Airtable automations that send a magic link, or 3rd party integrators). All of which are no-code, but have significant drawbacks:

  1. Users cannot sign back in with the Sign In With Code block, because it doesn’t create a password for subsequent log-ins, yet still creates a user in both the Softr and Airtable Users tables
  2. Sending an automated Magic Link from an Airtable Users table when a new user is created via Softr’s Sign Up blocks costs further AT automations and again doesn’t create a password for the recipient of the magic link to log in
  3. If you direct them to a User Profile block after 1 and 2 above, it requires custom coding because it is not designed for onboarding new users
  4. 3rd party integrators like Make and Zapier are expensive in this scenario when they are triggered for each new user that signs up, can be tedious to configure, and don’t require Softr’s sign up/sign in with code blocks anyway
  5. All of the above add more Softr Users and records to Airtable, regardless if the email address is fake or not

An option in Sign Up Blocks settings that simply sends a code or magic link to the email address entered without the address automatically inputted into Softr’s Users section until the code or link is used by the recipient would ensure that email addresses in the Softr’s Users Section were at least authenticated, resulting in a simpler on-boarding workflow and less fake emails accruing in our tables and accounts.