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Not sure when it changed. User redirect after sign-in, I recall it being a user group setting. Now it seems to be on the sign-in block settings. However, no matter what page I add, it always redirects back to the home page.

Nevermind… I found it. Seems like the page redirect option on the sign-in block is pointless if the ‘page rules’ dictate the re-direct.

Hey, thanks for the update. By the way, the block redirects will be removed from the blocks very soon so that the page redirects can be set up only in the “Page Rules”.

I’m new to using Softr for signing in, and I’m using the user-accounts2 sign-in block and under “On Sign In” I have it selected to a different page than the home page, but it doesn’t work and I can’t figure out why. No matter what page I set it to, it goes to the Home page instead. (and yes, changes were published and I reloaded the page)

Hey @HBS_Mobile, you can set the page after sign-in in the Page Rules section also. I showed how to do it here:

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thank you!

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You are always welcome!