Sidebar in Client View

Hello, I’m considering using Softr for a client portal. When my clients log in, I want them to be able to view all their open projects in a table view (from Airtable, one project per row, about 12 columns of data). Is that possible?

I would also like them to be able to manage their own sub-table data, and to have some other resources in a left-hand sidebar, with items like: Manage my Vendors, Manage my Spec Sheets, Tutorial Videos page, Invoices/Payments. When these are clicked, they would be taken to a new view of a different Table in Airtable and be able to modify or add to them.

Is this possible? I don’t see a left-hand side-bar in any of the Client Portal templates. Is this too complex for softr to handle? If so, what other client portal no-code app could do it? I’d love to make it work with Softr! Thank you,

Hello @alexlss,

We do not have a separate sidebar block, but many of our users add a Vertical header block. You just need to add a header block and change orientation.

See the screenshot.


Thank you, Suzie!

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