Showing created profile separately on a page via airtable

Hi all,

I have researched about this but i seem to still be stuck on how to do it so apologies if this is a repeating question. I am still quite new to softr (literally started using it yesterday) so please bear with me!

So I created a table on airtable where users can create a profile (name, email etc) via softr then kept on airtable. So far this is working fine. Now what i need to do is to pull these data out to a profile page (i have created this separately, let’s call it public profile). They need to be able to be accessible in public too so that user can share it around.

The journey looks something like this:
User signs up → profile created → user goes to their dashboard → user clicks on their name (lets call it view profile) → user can see their public profile

I found an article that I could make them into a record ID url (which I have done) but now I’m having trouble to how should i and where i should implement this to.

Atm I tried to put the record id url as a cta om the button (view my public profile) but when i click on this it’s throwing a 404 page so my question is:

  • is this a permission issue? If so is it coming from softr or airtable?
  • if this isnt a permission issue, how shall I implement this :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you!

Hi @phuuuuu00 you will just need to have List block or Table block on one page and List details block on another page and connect both to your Users table(where the registered users are added in your datasource) and with that block show whatever data you need to, it can be name, email address etc. then set item on click as described here on your List/Table block and set an action to Open details page and accordingly choose your List Details page to open. This way, user signs up, goes to your first page, clicks the person they want to see the profile of and gets redirected to that person’s profile page(List Details).
In order to redirect users directly to certain page after they are registered, you can use Page Rules.