Show the amount of results in a list

Is there a way to show the user how many records are being portrayed in a list given the current filters? That would be amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!

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Just to be sure - are you talking about inline filters? So the record count would update when the user changed a filter value on the page? Something like “27 matching records”?

And if so, what would you want it to display if the number of matching records exceeded the number of records per page? Show the number on the current page, or show the total number including pages not displayed?

Hey David,
Yes, exactly. Ideally, it shows the total amount of results in a list given the current inline filters, so that if no filters were set, the total amount of records is displayed. If the number of matching records exceeded the records per page, I would want to still show the total of all available records beyond the records currently portrayed.

Any way this is possible?

PS: Sorry for the late answer, I didn’t see the notification.

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I would also absolutely love this!


OK I thought some more about this.

Likely possible: custom code that shows the number of matching records from inline filters on the current page of results.

Likely not possible: display of the total number of matching records from inline filters including multiple pages of results.

Definitely impossible: display of the total number of records in the Airtable table

I believe these impossibilities are due to the fact that Airtable’s API provides a cursor to enumerate a table, but doesn’t provide a total.

I think that these limitations mean it’s not worth the effort to make this custom code, but I’d be curious to know what others think.

Interesting footnote: When Google Sheets is the data source, it is possible to get the total record count.


Aah dammit, that’s a pity! It would be really great UX to have such a function for large databases to show users what they are looking at. Thanks so much for looking into it, David! :slight_smile:


Would love this as well. Could someone from Softr make a note of this as a feature request? :crossed_fingers:


@Fizzle we have noted this in our end. With Airtable API limitations we are currently not able to show the total number of results… We are in talks with Airtable API to see if they can add this feature.


Just upvoting this - keep the pressure up on airtable! One of the more common requests from users.




+1 here too



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The reason we are not able to do it is a bit related to datasources… e.g. Airtable is not enabling us to get the total number of records from a table.

Is there no workaround at all on Softr’s side? For instance, via the “See More” button or so to count how often it is clickable and then multiplying by records per view?

It’s not exactly a workaround, but something we’ve done with Airtable is to create a separate table with summary statistics describing the original table. It can calculate numbers such as the total count of records, and counts for a few subcategories (eg location=France), the maximum timestamp among the records, etc. In Softr, these summary statistics get displayed in a ‘Summary cards block’ that appears above the table.

Setting it up was somewhat tricky, involving linking records between the original table and the summary table. Here is an intro: All You Need to Know about Airtable’s Rollup Feature (in 2024) - Bannerbear

And in the future, with a SQL backend this kind of thing should be possible. Another reason to look forward to Softr supporting SQL data sources.