Show subscription purchase date (Stripe) in Airtable base

Hello Guys,

I need my Airtable “Members” table to be updated with some infos coming from Stripe when my Subscription Product is purchased by a user.

Basically, when a user goes from free to paid, i need to update that user record in the Airtable table with these 3 columns

- Is a paying member? → Yes
- Subscription start date → date of the purchase
- Subscription end date (i only have annual options, so exactly 1 year after purchase) → this could also be a calculated field directly in Airtable, no problem

I see in this video there’s “Purchase date” column in the Airtable base. So hopefully this can be done automatically

I mean, i think Softr has these infos somewhere, because they are used to define a user group based on payment, but i don’t know how to show them in Airtable.

Thanks a lot everyone! :slight_smile:


Softr doesn’t show Stripe subscription or purchase info in Airtable.

The work around solution is to use Zapier, Make, or another tool to catch Stripe changes and push them to your Airtable base.

Hopefully Softr adds native support for this soon. It gets asked for frequently, they’re aware.

Hello @rrthegefsrht
Thanks a lot for your reply.
I imagine it’s a feature many of us would need… you are right!:slight_smile:

Do you know how could i do it via Zapier? I tried but the “start date” field that comes from Stripe is not actually a date, but has a weird format.

If i don’t use Zapier or Make, The only alternative would be checking the subscription status directly on Stripe? Does Softr at least know when the subscription period ends?

Thanks a lot everyone for the help


We could support this for you with, a flexible alternative to Zapier and Make. Feel free to send me a note at and I can help you get it set up.

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Do you know if there’s a way to upvote for this feature, so hopefully they can speed it up a bit? :slight_smile: