Show or hide the CTA module contolled by field in airtable

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if there is any way, or script that can hide a static CTA module in relation to an airtable field.


In airtable I have a category field: documentation uploaded-> Yes /No.

If Documentation Uploaded is = No, show the CTA module to redirect to the attach documentation page.

If Uploaded Documentation is = Yes, hide module.

Thank you!

Hi @RafaPG, I think what could work is to have 2 pages (with/without CTA module). Specific User group redirection, or visibility settings per user group, could be obtained based on category field.

Perhaps this thread will shed more light and will unlock you: User Group-Based Page Redirection Block - #6 by Jakub

Thanks for your answer @Jakub ,

Doing a redirect is not a possibility, since it is the user’s home.

I will try Formulate the Roles field in airtable,

In airtable I have a category field: documentation uploaded-> Yes /No.

If Documentation uploaded is = No,
Calculate the Role field to “User without documentation”.

If Uploaded documentation is = Yes,
Calculate the Role field to “User”.

Adjust the visibility of the CTA module only for the role “User without documentation”.

And in the lower modules show them for both roles.

Thank you!

Sounds like a plan! Let me know how it went :crossed_fingers:

It is working without any problem!

I have 2 fields in airtable for roles,
The main one: User, Company
The secondary one: Uploaded documentation

I have created 2 new roles in softr,
If Uploaded documentation is = yes
If uploaded documentation is = no.

I only show the CTA module if it meets the condition that the user is logged in and that field is = to uploaded documentation = no, the other modules are shown according to the main role field user / company.

The Documentation field is updated dynamically according to a formula.

In case any user can use this info.

Best regards!

Thank you so much for the confirmation, and sharing exact solution with the community!