Show my clients a PDF library to browse and choose from

Hi, is there an app out there I could integrate with Softr that can show users a folder structure with PDFs they can choose from, add to, remove, etc? Is it possible to do this with an Airtable base?

Hi @alexlss and welcome to the community!

I wonder if there are more requirements that you have for this that you haven’t mentioned.

For example, the way I do this sort of thing is with a link to a Google drive folder. It’s not integrated into Softr at all, but it doesn’t need to be. For this app my users are all signed in via Google accounts, so there’s no issue with having to re-login.

Do you need to have the PDF directory integrated into Softr and/or Airtable?

Hi, thanks for your response. I’m not entirely sure. I guess it would be nice to have each PDF be able to correspond with other tables, so maybe a view of records of an Airtable table where each row was a PDF (say, of product spec sheets and the vendors who use them from an associated table), but I’ve never messed around with file storage in Airtable and didn’t even know if I’m barking up the right tree.

If you can possibly solve this by linking out to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or whatever your favorite file sharing app is, then I’d recommend doing that. The main challenge will be single sign-on, and if your users are logged in via Google, all those other apps can do that as well.

I would not recommend trying to implement a folder structure of files where the files themselves live in Airtable. I think that would be really tricky.

ok thank you!