Show more button for list-details page

In a company’s details page, I have 74 numeric columns I need to show. List-details block seems the most appropriate way but I don’t fill the page with those 74 columns. Is there a way I can add a ‘show more’ button in this case or actually any do workaround for this?

This is a screenshot of what I’m trying to achieve.

I did it!

Here is my workaround:

inside the list-details page (the one that shows the record’s details. In my case, each record is a company), you create a list block with a conditional filter that only shows that record. Then you create a new page and add a list-details block. Now, the list from the first page and the new page are connected.

I hope my explanation is clear!

my only issue now is to make that button (list item) in the center: