Show item in list view but don’t let some users open

I want to build a membership site for helpful tech tips. What I want to do that I can easily figure out how to do…

• Link to Airtable base, set up list view, change what records show up to logged in and non logged in users.

What I would like to do but can’t figure out how to do…

• Have all items show up in the list view for everyone. Everyone can see the name and description of all records.
• But if you’re not a member you can’t open records tagged with for members only.
• I’d like to do this to show non members what they could have if they were members.

Is this possible?

Yes, very possible.

I would do this using two list blocks, with one visible to logged in users and one visible to non-logged in users. Create one, set it up as you like, then duplicate it, and change the visibility settings. Then, for non-logged in users, make sure the on-click settings are ‘nothing’ so there’s no click-through, but allow this on the logged-in users block.