Show a filtered list based on the previous page's selection

Hi All -

Trying to figure this out as a complete newbie, and I just can’t crack it.

I have two Softr pages with a list on each:
Page 1: Customer List
Page 2: Sites List

Customers and Sites are two tables in Airtable. The relationship is one to many:

  • One Customer has many Sites
  • One Site only has one Customer

They are joined in Airtable by lookup fields. For now, I made the tables super simple with both tables just having a UID, name, and foreign key.

Airtable configurations:

Use Case
The user clicks on a Customer record in the Customer List page and they are forwarded to the Sites List page. The records on the Sites List page lists the Site Names filtered by the Customer Name selection on the Customer List page.

In other words, the user is able to see all of the Sites associated with the Customer that they clicked on.

I am able to set up both the Customer List and Sites List page, and config the Customer List to forward to a page when the user clicks on a record. However, I cannot figure out how to automatically filter the Sites List based on the Customer chosen on the Customer List page.

Any help would be appreciated – thank you!

Hi @mstam2, you will be able to achieve such a use case using our Linked Lists feature: