Should attachments work?

I tried creating a sheet with an attachments column, and I put a JPG in the record cell for that column. I then created a list details block that displays that record. It shows the other fields in the sheet fine, but it doesn’t display the attachment.

It doesn’t seem to matter what data type I choose for the field in the list details block. Neither Image Gallery, Image, nor File displayed anything.

Is displaying an image from Sheets supported yet?

Just to confirm, the list details block I used was “list details page with image slider” which is supposed to be supported according to the beta welcome email.

Hey @dcoletta, you will need to store the image URLs in your Google Sheet to be able to display them in Softr (not the “physical” images as an attachment). As the “Image in Cell” is a new feature for Google Sheets too, currently, the only way we could bring the images to Softr from Google Sheets is by using their links. But, we will definitely work on the improvements and may change them in the future.

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What worked for me was to put this text in the spreadsheet cell:
<img src=>
And then to display it in a list details block with a field of type Text.

Is this what you meant?

Also, when I pick Text as the field type, what I see in studio (not preview, just regular block editing) is the text of the URL, not the picture. However, if I pick Image as the field type, studio shows the correct image, but the picture is not actually in the deployed version of the page.

It also seems to work correctly (deployed and previewed, but not in studio editor) if I put this in the cell:
And set the field type to Embed.

Aha, I found the thing that displays properly in the studio editor, in the studio preview, and in the deployed page: put just the URL in the gsheet cell, and then use Image or Image Gallery as the field type.

Is there a syntax to specify a list of images in that cell, for use with Image Gallery?

Sorry, my bad, it was working with a comma-separated list of image URLs, and I just didn’t see it right in front of my own eyes.