Shopify and Softr Integration

I am using Shopify as my main e-commerce platform. I realize that I can make some amazing Shopify apps myself using Softr, but I don’t see a way to pass Shopify Liquid data to Softr. I’m using Integromat and Airtable and I want to build a wishlist app, but Softr would require some sort of login again for customers and Shopify OaAuth doesn’t talk to Softr.

Is there anyone who has successfully integrated softer with another e-commerce platform?

HI @GospelMusicians and welcome to the community!

Can you say a little more about how you would want this to work?

You mention that you already use Shopify, so I’m guessing you have an existing website with Shopify integrated.

Are you thinking that you want to rebuild your site in Softr, and you’d want to embed Shopify? Or do you want to embed Softr blocks/pages into your existing site?

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Great question and thanks for responding. I want to build user portals that have specific information for the user. Let’s say, I want to build a Softr page that only the Shopify user only has access to. All of the Shopify user’s information and relavent data is synced to Airtable. So, I want those users to have access to restricted pages built with Softr without having to login, seeing they are already logged in with Shopify.

Here is a real-life use-case.

  • A user clicks a button on Shopify to add a product to their favorites.
  • The button launches a webhook which saves the product name in Airtable
  • The user wants to go back and see what things they have in their favorites list and I build it in Softr and Airtable.

The only thing I could think of, is when the user clicks on the link to go to the Softr built site, I could pass the email address along and then Softr will know which record to lookup to display the custom information.

What you’re talking about sounds reasonable.

I’m assuming you have access to the user’s email on the Shopify side.

If that’s true, then I think you can do this:

  • from your webhook, call the Softr API to create a user in your Softr app, requesting a magic link in the response
  • save that magic link on the Shopify side and associate it with the email address
  • use the magic link as the link that the user sees to get into the Softr app

THANKS @dcoletta,

I think this may just work!