Setting up email alerts

Is it possible for the user to set up email alerts if a new record matches certain item fields? For example, I have a database of companies and want the user to be able to set up alerts when a company matches the location or sector that they’re looking for.

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Hey @kimzou,

Perhaps you can achieve this with an automation :slight_smile:

yes, you can set up the condition using automation in airtable. let me know if you need more explanation.

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Hey @dchris,

It could be great if you could share the explanation for the rest of the users to see as well :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dchris ,

How would you suggest going about doing this? Any pointers much appreciated!

Hi @datom and @kimzou , did you find your answer?
I can show here, with screenshots, how to do it with airtable automations (with a double condition and dynamic data sent by email)

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