Setting free trials per subscription

Is anyone here allowing free trials for their subscriptions via Stripe? If so, how do you do it?

Under a specific price of a product, I always just find this legacy option that apparently shouldn’t be chosen (screenshot below), but I can’t figure out how to set them per subscription.

Am I blind and just not finding the free trial option?

are you using the customer portal for your user?

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

Please check this thread > Free Trial and Paid Users

I’m using the normal “Pricing in different size card view with details” block and add Stripe subscriptions via the price ID.

Thanks so much, Suzie!
This talks about trials via Softr if you want to first approve the free trials, but I’d much rather just have the users subscribe via the Stripe product with a 2 days free trial that is set up within Stripe so that they’re being charged after 2 days. I also contacted Stripe, but still haven’t figured out how to do that. Any idea?

I’ll post an update if I solve that

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Hey @Tim_ClimatEU ,

I also have a similar requirement, auto payment after 14 days of free trial. I’m scouting for options as well.

From a screen design perspective, I noticed that when I signed up for “Fathom Analytics”, they ask for Credit Card, we also need to choose the plan that we’ll want post their 30 day trial period. I suppose we’ve a similar functionality (Fathom Analytics)

Will share once I figure a way out.

Hi @Tim_ClimatEU and @prettycold, would be possible for you like using an Airtables ´ formula to get what you want with the trial?

check this

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@raul_lopez - This is super helpful. In addition to the Airtable formula, let me add a Zap and integrate with Stripe to make a new Subscription. Thank you soo much :raised_hands:t4:!

Once it works, I shall post an update.

Hmm, that seems very complicated though. I’ll leave an update on Stripe once I get one, it should be easier than that, natively in Stripe, no?