Set custom URL per record in List Details block

I have a List Details block that’s linked to a List and working as desired. When a user clicks an item in the List, they’re sent to a new page with the details for that item, with a URL like:

What I would like to do is somehow create a URL like:

and have it take the user to a specific list item. Effectively that “pretty-name” would be an alias for “list-details?recordId=recABC123”. Any thoughts on how I could achieve that?

Thank you!

As far as I’m aware, there’s no way at the moment to get the ‘pretty name’ as you would like it as per your example, but check the doc below to find out how you can specify the SEO ‘slug’ for the record.

This would mean the URL would be slightly nicer than the default (e.g.

If you switch over to the SEO:Slug approach, you can then create a redirect to achieve the pretty url you want. (The redirect won’t accept a ‘?’ character, so you can’t use it with the default recordId url format.)


Yes! That was just what I needed, thank you!

Thank you!! I combined this with @dcoletta’s suggestion about the redirect to get exactly what I wanted. Much appreciated.