Sequence of fields in edit mode

Hi, I have a list details page which is editable. I thought the sequence of fields in edit mode is determined by the first view in Airtable for that table. However, I updated the sequence in Airtable but the sequence in edit mode in Softr is still the same. Is there anything else I need to do on the Softr side to force it to pickup the new sequence from Airtable?

Hi Jah, You want to show the edit fields related to the fields in your list details block? Am I right?
If so, for now it’s not possible, it shows all the editable fields of a table (editable fields being the fields you selected as editable in user permissions settings), regardless the view applied in your table.

However, this will change with the upcoming action buttons, if I’m correct.

If I am not mistaken when editing records, these fields will be listed by creation date, but I am not 100% sure

@acjnas @matthieu_chateau thanks both. I realize that for now I can’t control which editable fields appear in each block as all editable fields for that user group are shown. My question was about the sequence in which they appear. It does look like the sequence is determined by the order of these fields in the first view of that table in Airtable but for some reason there seems to be a delay in that taking effect - i.e. I changed the sequence in Airtable but it took some time to show the updated sequence up on Softr.

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