SEO slugs not used in list view

Hey, me with another SEO question again :slight_smile:

I’m using SEO:Slug parameters and they’re working as expected on list-details view and on the sitemap. However, on the list view itself (“List with vertical cards and tag” FWIW) still uses ?recordID structure.

I’m not sure if it’s actually an issue, but some SEO tools I’ve used highlighted this as a concern. Is there anything that can be done to have list views also use SEO:Slugs? Do you know if it’s even a real issue?

Can you share a link ? in general parameters in URL is never an issue for SEO

Yeah, just something that some SEO tool brought up as an improvement area on my website. Even if the parameters don’t hurt, then maybe the seo slugs would help?

The issue you’re facing with SEO slugs in list views can be a bit tricky. Sometimes, depending on the platform or CMS you’re using, it might not natively support slugs in list views. You can explore workarounds, like creating a custom template for your list view if your platform allows it. This could potentially enable you to incorporate SEO-friendly slugs. But remember, it might involve some technical tinkering. As for the SEO tools flagging it as a concern, they’re just pointing out potential optimizations, so it’s good to keep an eye on it. However, it’s not always a deal-breaker. Focus on other crucial SEO aspects, too, like quality content and backlinks. Finally, consider trying an outreach link building service if you’re looking to boost your site’s authority.