SEO:Slug not working correctly

Hey Softr Community!

Has anyone had success getting the SEO:Slug field to work well?
Currently it is sort of working.

I have a field in AT called SEO:Slug but I am still getting the record ID at the end of the URL.


SEO:Slug →

Actual URL →

Is there a way to clean this up so I’m not getting the /r/rec… at the end?

To clarify, the url I want to have is simply →


No, there’s no way to remove the record id entirely. It has to either be a querystring parameter or it has to be at the end of the URL.

For a single page you could use the redirect feature to make a pretty URL, but that won’t scale to all the records in a table.

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I see, thank you for the quick response.

Is there a way within Softr to set up redirects for single pages?

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Wow - i’m really surprised about this. clean URLs are standard and table stakes for applications with a lot of content. We’re building a directory and all of the listing having such an ugly url and not allowing our listing owners to customize it (without the record id) is a huge limitation and may affect our decision to stay on Softr.

Is there any way programmatically to generate all of the redirects? We have over 5000 listings in the database already and I’m not going to manually set up the redirects for all of them.

Thanks in advance,

These are the available apis. There isn’t one documented for programmatically creating redirects.

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@johntreadway why would you need to care about ids at the end ? for SEO it doesn’t matter for readers also not a big deal as appears at the end like this page here has this slug we do add record id to enable you easily change the slug over time.

We are considering perhaps removing or giving an option to remove recordId from URL but it will have a consequences later when you want to change it from one slug to another.

Overall community platforms like those have it, listing platforms like etsy have it etc…


In some use cases, the slug being unchanging is precisely what is desired. For example, my real estate brokerage gives each agent their own website ( /zach-peterson ). In many cases, agents purchase a domain to appear more professional ( which would then forward to their agent website.

What would be your recommendation in these instances?

You could then have pages per agent ? bit manual but could work.