SEO meta data not displaying correctly

Hi all! I can’t tell if this is a bug or user error. I just noticed bracket code showing up in my URL slugs.[mary-najera]/r/recEK0Yh14RiLh93h. I’m also not seeing the SEO meta data pull in for title or description when I pull up the page source.

I think I have everything set up correctly in my Airtable. In fact it worked at one point.

I did just recently run the block update on all the blocks on the page, so I’m curious if this may be a bug to to the update or maybe something else I did on my end.

I also noticed one of the fields (Name) is not pulling through. Might be connected?

Anyone else see this happening?

Turns out it was user error! I forgot to update one thing on my end. I’d delete my post, but i can’t figure out how :laughing: Tech is not on my side today.