SEO - Issues with Indexing, Incoming & Outgoing Links et al

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I am building and have followed all instructions around SEO and co. in the manuals. Currently i have 385 pages, sitemap submitted, SEO & Social titles and Index: Yes.

  1. Google did not index my pages, so by now I have paid - according to them my pages are now indexed but GSC is still showing only 18 pages as indexed.
  2. shows that 385 pages habe no incoming AND no outgoing links despite the pages naturally come from linklists and also have several links to social media and external websites.
  3. H1 tags are missing or empty reported, despite they are visible on the website
  4. Page is reported to bee too slow
  5. Open Graph tags reported to be incomplete
  6. In the GCS, the Sitemap generated by SOFTR is not accepeted. I have checked with other tools and the sitemap looks fine.

Issue 1 and 2 are most pressing - has anyone an idea?

Thans a lot,

Just checking, why not using Google Search Console that probably has more accurate data than third-party services to check on indexing status and links?

Yes good question - GCS is not indexing and giving only very high level arguments and reasons. Tagparrot manages to gets your indexed quickly and ahref gives you a pretty strong detailed view on how Google and others see your Website.

Google has for sure the most accurate data but they do not give it to you via GCS.

Thanks - in general I was not aware of the existence of tools massively submitting page indexation requests to Google leveraging API calls and I was needing something similar as GSC is extremely low in indexing the whole website - just started trying another similar tool

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I remember when I faced similar SEO woes with my site. It’s frustrating when you’ve ticked all the boxes but still hit roadblocks. Have you considered getting a second opinion?

Any update here? I’m going to have even more pages this and it’s concerning.

Any update?

Showing incoming links is a function of a tool that you use just check if Javascript execution is included