SEO issue - multiple pages created for list item

I launched a directory website in August and connected it to Google search console. The directory uses list blocks and each list item has 1 or more tags - the tags determine which page(s) on the website the item appears.

I have just noticed that one of the items with only a single tag in Airtable (‘Teaching resources’), has MULTIPLE URLs and I’m confused as to how this is possible? For context, I’ve designed the website such that each item has URL structure: (FOR EXAMPLE:

How is it that one list item ‘attached’ to one list block (via a tag) has MULTIPLE URLs within various list blocks?

By the way, this problem is occurring with many different list items.

Check your website’s sitemap in Google Search Console to ensure that it accurately represents the structure of your website. This can help Google understand your content better and reduce indexing issues.