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Hi everyone,
Just to confirm, the SEO:index column in Airtable: does it need to have a specific value - true, yes, Y,etc. - or is it all automatically done by Softr?

Also for the social image field: does anyone know the formula to copy the image I have in a different field?

Thank you :pray:


It is not done automatically by Softr.
It can be different values but I use 0 and 1.
0 for no index, 1 for index.

The Airtable field can be either a single line text field or a formula field (which is useful when you need to index - or not - automatically - some pages according to a specific condition (for example if the record has this => 1 (index true) but if the record has this =>0 (index false))

Here are two screenshots to showcase a very simple use case of SEO:Index, determined by a formula field.
In this use case, I want all open resources to be indexed and all closed resources to not be indexed.


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Hey folks, true|fale ; yes|no ; 1|0 are the options